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Официальный сайт художника Руденя Анастасии Александровны

Artist Anastasia Rodina

Rodina Anastasia    Dear visitors, we are glad to welcome you on the official website of the artist Ruden Anastasia Alexandrovna.

   On our site You can familiarize with works Rudena A. A., and also read the biography, creativity and works of the artist. In his works, Anastasia Rudenya, like other contemporary artists, always seeks to convey the harmony, beauty and spirituality of the surrounding reality, to assert the value of peace and goodness. These motives are deeply embodied in her work.

   All the works of the artist Ruden, presented on the website can be purchased, or you can order a copy directly from the author of the works.

   Art for the artist Ruden Anastasia - a way to get closer to the unfathomable mystery of life. She believes that everything that exists on earth was created by God, and man is his most perfect creation. Therefore, it is portraits, scene paintings and landscapes from the first years of creativity have become the main genres of painting in which the artist creates.

Сайт художника Анастасии Руденя

Сайт художника Анастасии Руденя

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